About our Fees

We at MPP firmly believe that being open and transparent about our rate card is a core piece of our commitment to professionalism. Our services are fit-for-purpose for each client, but our rate card is the same regardless of customer size or the nature of the engagement.

Fee Schedule

PMO Building

Discovery & Proposal: $5,000 flat fee

Base Rate: $325 / hour

Strategic Planning

Mentorship Package: $3,000

Facilitation Package Lite: $5,000

Facilitation Package Full: $25,000

Hourly Services: $250 / hour


Project Management: $150 / hour

Business Analysis: $100 / hour

Portfolio Management: $200 / hour


In-Person Instructional Rate: $100 / hour

Virtual Instructional Rate: $75 / hour

Material Creation (per instructional hour): $75

Travel & Expenses

Travel and Expenses are charged at cost.

Our per diem is $100, excluding accommodations

We charge ground mileage at Canadian Government Rate Card