PMO Building

Your Project Management Office

Your PMO is a strategic investment across the organization. Project Management is a tool recognized by many companies as a critical piece of the toolkit for strategy execution and effective management of critical changes to drive the enterprise forward. The PMO ensures this tool is honed to your business through standardization, compliance and prioritization of work. If your organization has a PMO and isn't achieving these goals, or if you have a project management function without a PMO and want to achieve these results, our team can help uyou find the path froward.

The Modern PMO

MPP breaks the mold of "traditional" PMO models. PMI, PRINCE2, and ITIL advocate for specific, document-heavy and compliance-driven PMO models that offer a "one-size-fits-all" approach regardless of organization size or complexity.

Our team of PMO Builders are familiar with these models, as well as several other case studies for lighter weight and lean PMO's and our team is a firm believer in the idea that each PMO needs to be fit-for-purpose for each organization. We will work with you, not to fit your Project Manageemnt to an existing model, but rather to understand your PMO value proposition, present a pragmatic and custom model for your business, and work with you to develop a roadmap and the competencies to implement that roadmap.

Your PMO is Our Project

We are not out to build a perpetual PMO model where our consultants manage your project managers long term. We approach each PMO as a project. Whether we are starting from a mature PMO looking to reach the next level of maturity, or a greenfield organization doing the initial setup, our goal is to present a plan with clear milestones, schedules, a budget and resource requirements that you can plan and execute to - and through the execution we will develop the competencies within your own resource pool to take and run with the deployed PMO once we are done.

Proven Expertise

Our team of PMO Builders have deployed multiple PMOs and worked with even more on maturing their best practices and tools. 

Our consultants all contribute to Thought Leadership in the field, and are regular presenters at PMI events and post-secondary technical conferences.